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Greenhouse Ventilation

Greenhouse ventilation is like giving your plants a breath of fresh air. It helps control the temperature and humidity, creating the perfect growing conditions for the best crop growth.

Greenhouse ventilation
Ventilation windows on the greenhouse

Types of greenhouse ventilation

Selecting the right ventilation system depends on your greenhouse’s specific needs, particularly the required ventilation capacity. We understand the importance of a well-designed ventilation system.

We offer a range of options, including 2-pane, 3-pane, or continuous ventilation along the ridge. The choice ultimately depends on the capacity required to maintain an optimal environment for your crops.

In addition to traditional roof windows, we provide customized solutions such as ventilation windows integrated into the greenhouse’s gable ends and side walls.
However, it’s crucial to note that this choice is meticulously tailored to match the unique requirements of each greenhouse setup. Our goal is to ensure that your greenhouse enjoys the most efficient and effective ventilation system possible.

Insect netting

Keeping insects out means keeping diseases out. By doing this the use of chemicals will be limited to the minimum.

The use of insect netting helps the horticulture to make the transition to clean and protected crops.
The insect netting is availible in different mesh sizes depending on the type of insect you want to block.

Roof and side ventilation on plastic greenhouse.
Insect netting to prevent harmfull insects
Insect netting to keep harmfull insects out.

Greenhouse ventilation system

Ventilation of a greenhouse is about creating the perfect climate for your crops with the help of smart technology, while also protecting them from unwanted intruders.

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