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From idea to realisation

At Horti Future, we specialize in the development, manufacturing, and installation of greenhouse projects worldwide.
With an extensive track record built over years of experience, we’re able to deliver tailor-made greenhouses that will provide you with the best production in any climate. 

A journey through the project phases

Our project based approach spans several key phases to guarantee the success of your greenhouse project:

Phase 1: Identifying needs and exploring options
We begin by understanding your cultivation goals. What you aspire to grow shapes the ideal greenhouse for you. Local climate conditions further guide the selection of systems essential for the highest production. This phase also considers factors like available natural resources for e.g. heating – like the availibility of natural gas, oil, coal or thermal heat. The local markets might have products available that are useable for the project like glass. When this is available at a good price and quality it will be used in the project to lower the initial investment. By doning this the transport costs can be lowered. Our approach embraces your technical, climate, and budget considerations, resulting in an optimized solution. Furthermore, we address the layout of the land and local regulations to ensure a smooth project development.

We’re adept at crafting exceptional greenhouses within varying budget constraints.

Phase 2: The quotation
This phase merges all gathered information to outline your ideal greenhouse. Our quotation, complete with layout drawings, forms the foundation for in-depth discussions culminating in an order confirmation.

Phase 3: Engineering
Precision after confirming the quotation, our engineering will start the project. We finalize technical specifications, including dimensions, thickness, and other critical details. With the use of the greenhouse strength calculation from CASTA we will engineer the greenhouse structure. This phase is marked by ongoing communication, exploring different options and potential solutions. The project set up in phases 1 and 2 comes to life on paper during this stage.

Spray boom irrigation on a container system
Spray boom on a container system
Dutch Venlo greenhouse with tomato crop

Turning vision into reality

Phase 4: Turning vision into reality
Following greenhouse production and installations, our dedicated team oversees project realization. With experienced supervisors, our crew or local builders install both the greenhouse and its systems. This phase concludes with the formal handover of the project to the investor or grower.

Committed to Your success beyond installation
At Horti Future, our involvement doesn’t end with the establishment of a greenhouse equipped with suitable systems. If required, we provide invaluable post-installation growing assistance, ensuring maximum yields from your investment.

Step on a journey of excellence with Horti Future.

Our step-by-step guidance throughout the project guarantees the realization of an exceptional greenhouse that aligns perfectly with your aspirations and budget.

What kind of greenhouse project do you want to realize?

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