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Greenhouse Heating System

When it comes to creating the perfect climate for your greenhouse, we provide top-of-the-line heating systems that ensure optimal temperature regulation.

pump installation greenhouse project
Pump installation greenhouse project.

Our commitment to excellence means we don’t just offer heating; we offer tailored climate control solutions that optimize conditions for your crops’ growth and well-being of the plants.

Design greenhouse heating

Greenhouse heating systems offer flexibility in design. It all begins with the available fuel sources, which can range from light oil, heavy oil, diesel, natural gas to unconventional sources like coal, wood, or even utilizing thermal and industrial waste heat.

For cleaner fuel sources like natural gas, the CO2 from the exhaust gases can be re-used for plant photosynthesis. In cases where this isn’t possible, liquid CO2 may be added as a supplement.

Why is a heating system needed?

Greenhouse heating serves various purposes:

  • Temperature Control
    By adjusting air temperature, you create the ideal conditions for plant growth and the well-being of your crop.
  • Dehumidification
    Heating can reduce excess humidity, often found in the early morning, lowering the risk of diseases like powdery mildew.
  • Transport system
    The pipes of the heating systems can also be used the monorails and trolleys to run on. These trolley and monorails are used for harvesting and (crop)maintenance.
Heat storage tank
Heat storage tank
Boiler room installation

Different types of heating systems

There are two main types of heating systems:

1. Hot water heating

In this system, hot water circulates through pipes within the greenhouse, raising the temperature and enabling the movement of various trolleys.
The hot water source can come from:

  • a boiler
  • industrial waste heat
  • CHP installation
  • thermal heat stored in the ground

When using the right fuel source, the CO2 from exhaust gases can be used in your greenhouse as a fertilizer to the plants.

In cases where using the exhaust CO2 isn’t feasible, we can use liquid CO2 into your system. This supplemental CO2 ensures your plants receive the essential carbon dioxide they need for photosynthesis, resulting in healthier and more productive crops.

Explore our CO2 enrichment options to maximize your crop yields.

2. Hot air heating

When it comes to hot air heaters, you’ll find a variety of types, each offering unique functions and features.
These units can be powered by both gas and diesel, serving dual purposes of heating and CO2 enrichment.

At Horti Future, we offer a range of options to suit your greenhouse needs. You can choose from hanging units or standing units, depending on your greenhouse layout and requirements.
Additionally, we provide emergency backup units to ensure your heating needs are met, even in unforeseen situations.
Our hot air heaters are designed with efficiency and reliability in mind, making them an excellent choice to maintain the ideal climate in your greenhouse.

Whether you need consistent heating, CO2 enrichment, or backup solutions, we have you covered.

lowara heating pumps
Boiler room installation
Double boiler for greenhouse project

What kind of heating is the best for you?

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