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Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse construction is our core business. We build greenhouses all over the world, in all climates.
See the steps of a greenhouse installation project in photos.

Working people build a greenhouse.
Construction of a greenhouse.

A greenhouse construction project

A greenhouse construction project is preceded by a project plan and a customized greenhouse design.
The project plan will be made with your input and worked out in detail by our experts.

The theoretical part of the project being done, we will start to build the desired greenhouse. Step by step we will install your greenhouse.

Creation of the building team

One of the first steps we take, is to create a building crew who will construct the greenhouse. This can be a local team under Dutch supervision. The other possibility is to arrange it fully under our responsibility.

A local team builds a greenhouse.
A local building team is constructing the greenhouse.
Greenhouse building crew installing a pad-fan system for cooling the greenhouse.
The building crew in a later phase of the greenhouse installation.

Leveling of the ground

Then we will level the ground, before we can start to construct the greenhouse foundation.

The chosen location for a greenhouse in India.
Machines level the ground before constructing a greenhouse.
Machines leveling the ground.

Measurements of the greenhouse foundation

We need to measure and mark the layout of the future greenhouse foundation.

Measuring where to put the greenhouse foundation.
Making the right measurements.
Starting point of the foundations of a future greenhouse.
Marking the starting points of the greenhouse foundation.

Constructing the greenhouse foundation

Then we can build the foundation of the greenhouse.
The foundation is the first visible part of the future greenhouse structure. A good foundation is essential for a perfect greenhouse.

Foundation work for a greenhouse.
The start of the foundation work.
Greenhouse foundation.
The greenhouse foundation will be laid.

Ground works

The foundation being constructed, the working team will put pipes for water and electricity in the ground.

Rain water pipes for a greenhouse.
Rain water pipes are laid.
Cables for the electricity in the greenhouse are put in the ground.
Electrical cables are put in the ground.

Delivery of greenhouse materials

We will produce and supply the materials directly from the factory to the end user. In this way our prices are as low as possible.

Materials for greenhouse installation: steel frame.
Steel structure of the greenhouse.
Materials for greenhouse installation: aluminium roof panels.
Aluminium profiles for the greenhouse roof and gables.

Start of the building proccess

We can use local available machines, or our greenhouse installation machines.

Machinery for greenhouse installation.
A machine used to build a greenhouse.
Greenhouse building machine with platform.
Special platform for greenhouse construction.

Greenhouse construction: the structure

We will now construct the greenhouse frame.

Steel to be used to build the greenhouse.
First, we’ll build up the steel structure of the greenhouse.
Basic greenhouse frame of steel.
Greenhouse structure.
Building the steel structure of the greenhouse.
The team builds the greenhouse construction.
The construction of a Dutch greenhouse.
Constructing a Dutch greenhouse.

Greenhouse construction of the structure in progress

The greenhouse construction work goes on.

Building a greenhouse.
Work in progress.
Greenhouse building of steel.
Rain water discharge column at a greenhouse.
Rain water discharge through the column.
Detail of a greenhouse frame of steel.
Detail of a steel structure.

Greenhouse construction: the roof

Having finished the steel structure, we will start to build the aluminium roof construction. The cover can be glass or plastic.

Roof installation of a Dutch greenhouse (glasshouse).
As a next step in the greenhouse construction we will create the aluminium roof.
Roof installation of a plastic greenhouse (polyhouse).
People installing the roof of a polyhouse (plastic greenhouse).

Greenhouse construction: the sides and gables

Next step is to install the gable and side walls. They are part of the aluminium structure.

Construction of the sides of a greenhouse.
The sides are installed.
Construction of the gables of a greenhouse.
The gable ends are installed.

Greenhouse construction: the floor and working area

Concrete floors and a working area will finalize the greenhouse construction.

Part of greenhouse installation is to lay a concrete floor.
We will lay a concrete floor for smooth transport within the greenhouse.
The working area within the greenhouse.
We will prepare automation in the working area in the greenhouse.

Installation of technical systems

To install a greenhouse is not only building the greenhouse itself. We will install the different needed systems in the greenhouse too. Think of greenhouse heating, ventilation, dehumidification etc.

Hydroponic irrigation greenhouse system
Irrigation unit and water storage tanks.
Irrigation system in a greenhouse.
Irrigation systems by using a spray boom.
Container system for potplant production.
Boiler room installation for a greenhouse.
The heating room in the service area.
Boiler, part of a heating system of a greenhouse.
Boilers for the heating system.
Welding heating pipes in the greenhouse.
Screening system to block the additional sun light and safe energy
Installation of the screening systems.
Electrical installations control the greenhouse.
Mono rail heating in greenhouse.
Overhead heating system / mono rail heating.
Insectnetting to avoid insects entering the greenhouse.
Insectnetting in the ventilation windows.
Pad and fan cooling system
Fans in the gable wall for pad and fan cooling.
pad and fan cooling system
Pad and fan system to cool the greenhouse.

Installation of cultivation systems

For the best production we can install a cultivation system like growing gutters, container system or eb and flow floors.

Tomato greenhouse hydroponic
Tomato growing gutters with integrated water recirculation.
Special crane for internal transport of the plants, irrigation and spraying in a greenhouse.
Custom made crane for internal transport, irrigation and spraying.
Eb and flow floors.
Container system with automation and spray boom
Automated container system for pot plants with a sprayboom.

Installation of energy management systems

Energy is an issue world wide. We need to manage this to have sufficient energy sources available for the greenhouse systems.

LED grow lights for additional production of the crops.
We can install solar panels on the service area of the greenhouse.

Installation of climate computers

You can choose from different climate computers. The choice will depend on the needs and the local backup available.

Priva climate computer.
Hoogendoorn climate computer.

Start growing the best crops using the best greenhouse

When everything is ready, you can start growing the best crop with the best possible greenhouse for your situation.

Greenhouse construction by experienced greenhouse builders

We are a very experienced greenhouse contractor, with 25 years of experience all over the world.
Constructing greenhouses, including required technology, is our core business.

Interested in greenhouse construction?

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