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Dutch Greenhouses

The Venlo greenhouse (Dutch greenhouse) is a popular greenhouse in the modern greenhouse industry.
The proven structure and specifications are widely used throughout the complete horticultural industry.

Dutch greenhouse with pot plants
Pot plant greenhouse with maximum ventilation capacity

Venlo Greenhouse: the Dutch Greenhouse

The dominant type of Dutch greenhouses is the so-called Venlo greenhouse.
The Venlo greenhouse can be supplied with different trellis dimensions running form 6.40 m to 16 m.

Type of crop, technical installations, weather conditions like wind and rain will determine the strenght of the greenhouse. All our greenhouses are calculated using the CASTA program for the right strength and specifications. This enables us to offer the best combination with respect for the building code.

Venlo Greenhouse in export
Venlo greenhouse in the Netherlands
Venlo greenhouse in The Netherlands

Better growth with advanced systems

The selection of technical systems is just as important as the greenhouse structure itself. The implementation of the right systems is key to achieving higher yields and better quality products, ultimately ensuring a higher return on your investment. In the horticultural sector, cutting-edge technologies are used to maximize production efficiency and deliver superior-quality products at competitive prices. We stay at the forefront of these innovations to help you achieve your goals.

For the best possible production we can supply you with the best possible greenhouse technology like

greenhouse climate computer
Hoogendoorn climate computer
greenhouse irrigation unit
Irrigation unit

Next to that we can install:

The best possible Dutch greenhouse for your situation

Thanks to our wide range of world wide suppliers we can assist you with creating the best possible Dutch greenhouse for you. 

What kind of greenhouse project do you want to realize?

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