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About us

At Horti Future, we are dedicated in developing and delivering the finest greenhouses tailored to your specific needs. We understand that each greenhouse project must be customized to suite local circumstances and conditions.

custom made greenhouse project
Custom made greenhouses adjusted to the local climate conditions.

Horti Future: Creator of Dutch greenhouses

Our primary goal is to partner with you in achieving the highest Return On Investment (ROI) for your project. With over 25 years of experience in the global horticulture industry, we bring you unmatched expertise and insights.

Based in the Netherlands, we have direct access to the world’s premier suppliers. We believe in the potential of local materials and suppliers, adding value to your project while keeping it sustainable.

Our project-centric approach means that we evaluate all available options for each unique project. This ensures that the solutions we offer are not just good but the very best for your requirements.

Discover the future of horticulture with Horti Future – where excellence in Dutch greenhouse craftsmanship meets global innovation.

rose greenhouse project
plastic greenhouse project

What kind of greenhouse project do you want to realize?

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