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                  GREENHOUSE PROJECTS


The Venlo greenhouse (Dutch glasshouse) is a popular greenhouse in the modern greenhouse industry. It is proven structure and specifications are widely used throughout the complete horticultural industry. This type of greenhouse can be supplied with different span dimensions running form 6.40 m all the way to 16 m. The size of span will be determined by crop, strength calculations but also the needed free space in the greenhouse or service area. With the use of the CASTA calculation program all the greenhouses we offer are calculated to have the right strength. 

We can offer you all the needed technical systems like heating, irrigation, screening systems, electrical installations including the climate computer. Next to that you can also have cooling systems (both active and passive), humidification and also dehumidification. The newest LED grow lights or a combination of LED and the conventional HPS lighting systems (hybrid assimilation). All the assimilation lights in the top of the greenhouse or in between of the crop (inter-lighting). Everything possible with in the greenhouse industry. All the different options will be discussed during the project. 

Thanks to our wide range of suppliers we can assist you with creating the best possible option for you.