We can assist you with any greenhouse project. We can supply glasshouses, plastic greenhouses, solar greenhouses .


The venlo glasshouse is a typical Dutch Greenhouse design. Thanks to the years of development this type of glasshouse is the most commen greenhouse build world wide. This type of greenhouse is availible is different sizes for different crop. We can offer glasshouses with different types of glass. We have the standard glass, tempered glass but also the "low irion" glass with high light transmission.

The advantage of using Glasshouses is the excelent growing climate and high production.


Plastic greenhouse

Plastic greenhouses are used in many countries. We can offer different type of plastic houses. There are different advangetage for the use of Plastic greenhouses. 

Solar Greenhouses

The use of fossil fuel reserves is running low. Solar engery can be a very good option! We have a good Solar Greenhouse for different crops and situations. The panels will be integrated in the greenhouse roof like a normal glass sheet.

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