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Czech Republic:

Delivery of several machines for a pot plant nursery.

E.g. Forklift with pot forks for transport of the pots, spraying equipment and cleaning machines.


The Netherlands:

Supply of LED lights for a flower grower of 5.000 m sq.

In this situation the Valoya light supplied the best option for this grower.

For his crop this grower was looking for a simple solution.


Czech Republic:

A pot plant grower in the Czech Republic asked us for the supply of assimilation lights.

Together with the grower we found the right solution for the supply of NEW 600 watt assimilation lights.



Turnkey project of 20.000 sq. m.

Greenhouse specifications:

An 8 meter trellis with a 5,7 meter gutter height. The roof is glassed with clear tempered glass.

The side wall is equipped with 16 mm poly carbonate. The greenhouse has a pad and fan cooling system and a western Europe tube rail heating system. All the ventilation windows are provided with insect netting.

Project: glasshouse, insect netting, heating, pad & fan cooling system, irrigation system, electrical installations

and a climate computer.



A glasshouse project of 5.760 m sq.

A gutter height of 5,70 meter and a 8 meter trellis. The glass of the roof is tempered defused glass.

The installation is done by the purchaser with the use of local people.

Project: Glasshouse



In the Miami area a Citrus nursery installed a internal transport system.

Due to the governmental rules the citrus crop should be grown from the ground.

The internal transport system has been developed and delivered.

Container size 4.5 x 1.6 meter with a mesh bottom.

Besides the container system also a crane system has been installed to stock the empty containers.

Project: container system including automation



The delivery of a 16.250 m sq greenhouse including a service area.

4.5 meter high greenhouse with an 8 meter trellis.

The roof top has been glazed with clear float glass (delivered from local factory).

Besides the greenhouse we also delivered two hot water boilers for the heating system

The client provided the rest of the materials from the local market.

Project: Glasshouse (excluding glass), 2 hot water boilers



Delivery of a greenhouse of 20.000 sq. m. glasshouse.

Special requirements of the greenhouse: extreme high wind load (41 m/s).

Gutter height: 6 meter and 8 meter. The 8 meter high part is supplied with a 2nd growing area.

The complete greenhouse has a triple screening system.

All the windows are supplied with insect netting.

Project: Glasshouse, 2nd layer, insect netting, triple screening system.



A turnkey project of 7.000 sq. m. glasshouse.

A gutter height of 5.7 meter and a trellis of 8 meter.

The roof top has been glazed with clear tempered glass.

This pot plant grower asked us to supply the complete project including concrete floors, screening systems, heating systems etc.

Project: Glasshouse including service area and loading docks, concrete floors, double screening system, heating system (floor, under bench, mono rail and snow heating), irrigation system, container system and computer control system.


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