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The horticultural techniques are changing all the time.

One of our expertise is (Technical) Project Development. Together with the client we will prepare the complete project.

We will start with the local conditions and demands of the client. From there we will prepare the masterplan. where do you want to be within 3 years - 5 years and maybe 10 years.

Next step is preparing the tender document. This is a technical document that we will use for requesting the quotations. It will discrete all the technical items what is needed. Besides that we will also take along the commodity goods for the daily use. This way the client will have a turnkey project.

Together with the client we will determine the possible suppliers. This is an important step because not every supplier fits the client. We also look at the possibility of suppliers from other countries.

When all the suppliers provided their quotation we will make a full and detailed comparison between the different quotations. Every supplier will get the change to make the needed changes. After that the comparison will be discussed with the clientt and we will provide an advise from which supplier the client should buy. This comparison is done based on technical difference, conditions and of course the price. Horti Future is the consultant for greenhouse projects worldwide.


The advantage for the client:

- A turnkey project

- Based on the best technical solutions for the local conditions

- All the needed information will be collected and studied

- A complete technical description of the project (Tender document)

- choice from all the possible suppliers

- A full, quotation,and independent comparison between the different quotations

- Advise is based on technical differences, conditions differences (including financial conditions) and the price.


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